Technical support

Pre-sales technical support:
Dawnsing manufacture has an in-depth grasp of the basic principles and theoretical data of the automatic thread trimming devices of sewing machines, which can meet the needs of most customers in the sewing machine industry in the market, and can design products according to customer needs. And we have a professional technical team to develop products, and several products have their own patents. If you encounter problems such as machine failures or mismatched parts, or installation problems,kindly contact us freely, then we will have technicians to provide you with professional answers.

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After-sales technical support:
For our manufacture's products, we have enough confidence to guarantee its quality. In the field of automatic thread trimmers, our expertise is recognized throughout the sewing machines market. If there is a problem during the installation process, you can ask our technical consultant to provide you with an installation video, so that you can understand all the installation steps and the correct installation method for our products. For non-perishable spare parts, We have a two-year warranty.